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Modification of Prior Orders

Modifications of Prior Orders

You may need a modification for many reasons after a divorce or final court order. If you are having difficulties due to the terms of you divorce decree or final order, Stinson Moyle, PLLC may be able to help.

Divorce decrees and court orders regarding conservatorship, possession, and/orĀ child support are rendered on the facts that existed at the time of divorce or final order. Under certain changed circumstances--called a material and substantial change--conservatorship, possession and/or child support orders can be modified to apply to your current situation, provided that such a modification is in the best interest of the child. There are many examples of what situations may constitute a material and substantial change or that may no longer be in the best interest of the child.

Possible Reasons to Request a Modification

  • You want to move out of the geographic area where your divorce or final order was finalized
  • A change in employment status for one of the parents
  • Visitation schedules or possession schedules need to be modified for various reasons

Like all other family law issues, many modifications occur without the need to have a hearing.In fact, many modifications are resolved through informal settlement negotiations or the mediation process. Resolving your case amicably is generally less expensive than ;having to go to court. However, the attorneys at Stinson Moyle, PLLC understand that sometimes going to court and having a judge decide your case is your only option. In those cases, our lawyers are ready to assist their clients in being strong courtroom advocates.

Whether you need a skilled negotiator or an experienced litigator to handle your modification, contact us to determine if your situation would merit a change in a prior court order. ;Stinson Moyle, PLLC will candidly let you know if it is in your best interest to pursue a modification.

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