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Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Austin Texas

The Collaborative Law Divorce is an alternative to the traditional divorce litigation process.The Collaborative Law process has several goals, including the avoidance of litigation and judicial intervention, a good faith exchange of material and relevant evidence without formal discovery, and a commitment by both parties to only engage in communications that advance the highest priorities of the divorce. This process has been highly successful in Texas and its implementation has helped many families avoid the unnecessary pain and expense associated with a divorce.

What Is the Collaborative Law Process in Austin Texas?

In the Collaborative Law process, each party will still have his or her own Austin divorce attorney. The parties and their attorneys commit to working together towards a resolution without going to court. Neutral experts who are trained in the collaborative process are added to help with specific areas of the decision-making and settlement process.

In the Collaborative process, the parties, their attorneys and the neutral experts attend a series of meetings. At these meetings, all participants work together to exchange information and reach a final resolution of the divorce.

What Are the Benefits of the Collaborative Law Process?

Collaborative divorces still take into account all the necessary facets of marital breakup, including child support, alimony, custody, visitation and property division. The difference from that of a traditional divorce is that both parties’ attorneys, who should be trained in the collaborative divorce process, meet together with the spouses to discuss each area with an eye toward problem-solving.

The benefits of a collaborative divorce are virtually endless. A collaborative divorce can help preserve family unity and maintain harmony between all family members, which is especially important if children are involved. If you wish to remain friends with your ex-spouse, a Collaborative divorce can help to do away with the accusatorial nature of a traditional divorce, thereby allowing both of you to proceed with dignity and respect.

What Does it Mean to “Opt Out” of the Collaborative Law Process?

If parties are unable to settle their issues in the Collaborative Law process or one party no longer wants to continue in the Collaborative Law process, then a party will frequently “opt out” or terminate the Collaborative Law process. If the process is terminated, by opting out or otherwise, the Collaborative attorneys must withdraw and the parties must hire new divorce attorneys and start the process over. This encourages people to stay in the process, but can also result in higher legal fees and expenses.

The Collaborative Law process is not appropriate for every case. We encourage you to consult with a skilled divorce attorney in the Austin area such as the lawyers at Stinson Moyle, PLLC to discuss the potential benefits of a Collaborative Law divorce and to see if it's the right option for you and your family.

The attorneys at Stinson Moyle, PLLC are members of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas.

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